Newborn to 3 Month Favourites .

Right, so, very quickly fast forward a year, because I am useless at keeping up with this. ..behold, the wonders of pregnancy and motherhood!

I’m in the process of writing up my pregnancy and birth blog, but it’s weird because I keep remembering different bits, and then have to confirm if/when/what actually happened with the husband and my mother! So for now, I shall skip past the messy bit and move on to the fun bit…shopping!

My baby is now just over four months old. I thought I’d write down some of my favourite products from the first few months of baby’s life. Things that I loved and am keen to share the wonders of!

Bennett nipple cream (I hated lansinoh). Lansinoh is excellent, but I found it sticky and it was everywhere. All over baby’s beautiful mug etc. Much preferred Bennett’s which I got from Asda. Lansinoh does make an excellent chapstick though!

Next babygrows. I loved the quality and they wash/dry so well. I completely overestimate many babygrows I’d need and had loads but actually, having 5-7 good quality ones is more than enough. They also have the built in scratch mitts which don’t fold back over in the night.

Grobags/grosnug : Grobags are for use in babies over 8lb (if I remember right, but I may be wrong.) Baby was 8lb 15oz at birth bur I still didn’t feel comfortable putting him in a grobag till he was about 8 weeks. Grosnug are gorgeous and I felt much happier wrapping him in one of those in the first few weeks.

Weleda calendula Nappy cream. Wonderful stuff, can’t recommend this enough! Bought from amazon, lasts AGES, keeps skin moisturised but dry. Baby has (so far) not had nappy rash.

Top tip: Always dry baby’s bum after using a wet wipe but before putting bum cream on. Dry skin doesn’t chap. Also, always pull out the little wings on nappy legs, the gusset inside contains the poo, these wings stop it leaking.

Cj’s butter. Hard to track down in the UK. Usually available from the kingdom of fluff website. I don’t use any chemicals on baby’s skin. We are still using water wipes, which, don’t need to be overused. You can clean a wet nappy using one wipe. Two for a poo! So cjs butter, which is all natural and gentle is our moisturiser of choice. (My favourite is ‘Monkey Farts’) Made with shea butter and essential oils, it’s wonderful, doesn’t drag skin, no funny reactions, smells incredible. Both me and Daddy Woolf use it too. We basically all just smell like banana.

Soft velour type blankets. For cuddling on the couch with your snuggly, gorgeous, newborn. Tk maxx often have a good selection. Awesome for tucking into the car seat, pram etc too.

Tuppence & crumble starsnug. Get one, seriously. I’ll never buy a pram suit again, I’m just upsizing to bigger. Soooo much easier than trying to post a baby into a pram suit. They are brilliant whatever the weather. Super for use in conjuction with a sling and far less stressful with tiny baby arms and legs in a car seat.

Poddlepod/Sleepyhead. Somewhere to dock the baby while you have a wee/brew up/get nothing done because you can’t bear to leave the room even if the baby is completely spark out and you just want to watch him snore in wonder. Maybe just me there then. Poddlepod only for use with daytime naps, needs to be supervised, not for overnight use. We have it full time in the living room.

Terry towelling nappies. Another amazon buy. Never been used as a nappy. But for under bum/drying bum during nappy change. Never underestimate your newborns ability to poo mid change. Protect your furniture! When they poo, wait 5/10 minutes, they like to wait till you’ve got their nappy off to bring the real thunder. Meconium is no joke! Also excellent to have on hand for under chin sick mop up while you’re winding.

Extra long charger lead (multiple) There is no torture like having just fed, changed, soothed a baby off to sleep only to realise that you’re on 3% battery. Especially when it’s 4:15 am and the house is in silence. Always keep your charger close by! Have a charger in situ in your chosen feeding stations. (Will revisit ‘feeding station’ in another post)

Night light. I couldn’t turn the light off at night until baby was about 10 weeks. I woke up frequently to check he was still there. My dimming night light (another amazon purchase) was a godsend in my over-anxious, pedantic, neurotic neq Mama state.

Water bottle (litre capacity). Get two, have one upstairs, one downstairs. Breastfeeding makes you thirsty as heck. But even if you’re not breastfeeding, you need to keep hydrated.

Mam dummies. Just my preference really, we got one free at a baby show and he took it at a few days old, really helped with soothing. He has one intermittently now. I didn’t have an opinion either way on dummies but they’ve worked for us. Having one handy in the first few days is something I would recommend, even if you never have to use it.

Bodum thermal mug. Only way I got a hot drink in the early weeks. Plus, I was so frightened of spilling anything warm on the baby I was letting drinks go cold before I’d attempt them. These are good quality but cheap enough to have a couple and take away the stress of potentially knocking cups over while trying to negotiate moving while holding a tiny baby. Not completely drip/spill proof from the lid but better than a mug and keeps drinks hot for when you make one, then forget about it for four hours.

Haakaa. It’s good, but I struggled. Baby has always been a wriggler (Plus tongue tie feeding issues, but thats a story for a different day!) I found it easier to use to collect when pumping on the other side.

Medela swing electric pump. If you intend to express to store or you need to increase supply, get this one. Well worth the £100 price tag. I had a hand pump, it takes an eternity. Electric all the way for this!

Cheeky wipes. We don’t take them out, but have them for home. Really easy to keep going as you just wash the dirty ones with the rest of your baby whites.

Connecta sling. Hands down, the best piece of baby equipment I’ve purchased. We’ve not worked out whether Lawrence is a velcro baby or if it’s actually just me who’s clingy and he puts up with it. But it’s already paid for itself a hundred times over when the stress levels dropped as I could easily and comfortably cart baby round the house instead of trying to dash about and do everything in snatched increments when he would consent to being put down! I got ours from Koala slings.

Funky giraffe bibs. Just for funsies. They’re ace! I’ve got loads, they’re addictive. I love the personalised ones, and they’re lovely to put on baby when you get round to going to baby clinics and classes.

There’s probably more. But these things have been my favourites!