I need one of those pictures like in the back of books where the author is sat at an angle with her chin resting gently on her hands. In a “Oh, A picture? Of me?” kind of pose <benign knowing smile expression>

I hope I can manage to be as funny as the HD Massive (Hugh and Doreen) tell me i am. If you stumble upon this page, wondering how you got here and why in a “oh the humanity” manner, don’t be alarmed, just google ‘funny cats’ and the world will be right once again.

If you don’t get my sense of humour, that’s absolutely fine, its not for everyone. Not everybody wants to know about my life, i wouldn’t want everybody to, it would be odd and unsettling and i’d feel like a poor mans Kim Kardashian with a smaller bum and no selfies (To be fair, if i was doing selfies, then i’d expect you to run, I’m not photogenic at all.)


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